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My introduction to the "But, Because, So..." strategy occurred during a training session facilitated by Teacher Created Resources, where I was introduced to the insightful approach developed by Judith Hochman. The "But, Because, So..." strategy provides students with a valuable framework for constructing sentences by incorporating additional information into independent clauses through the use of conjunctions.

I incorporated the "But, Because, So..." strategy into our math lessons, specifically addressing the placement of decimal points behind the ones place. Check out these simple examples:

  • A decimal point is always behind the ones place, but you don't have to write it if there aren't any tenths, hundredths, or thousandths.

  • A decimal point is always behind the ones place, because it separates whole numbers from their fractional parts.

  • A decimal point is always behind the ones place, so it comes before the tenths place.

These examples show how the "But, Because, So..." strategy can also be used in different content other than reading. While we often hear about its use in reading comprehension, here's a practical application in Math. I have also used the strategy in Science.

Some of my reasons for truly appreciating this strategy are:

1. It provides students with regular opportunities to write and expand sentences, this practice fosters consistency and skill development.

2. It requires students to articulate their understanding of a concept, by ensuring a deep and genuine grasp of the material.

3. It serves as an effective exit ticket, allowing for a concise yet comprehensive assessment of students' comprehension.

4. It's versatile across disciplines, making it a valuable strategy that students can use with different subjects.

Take a glimpse of some of my 5-05 crew engaging with this strategy!


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