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Teacher mentoring is  a 1, 3, or 6 month partnership that is tailored to the needs of each individual teacher. This partnership is a great solution for teachers who are new to the teaching profession, teachers who are new to teaching in this "new normal", or teachers who feel they need extra overall support.

High-Quality materials are extremely important. All students should have access to rigorous standard-aligned resources. Amber has over nine years experience creating standard-aligned, engaging curriculum and resources. Through her resources students in grades K-8 have had the opportunity to practice with high-quality tasks in order to deepen their understanding of concepts while improving skills.



  • Tutoring is available for students in grades K-8.

  • Tutoring is available online and in-person for the Memphis, TN area. Online tutoring is highly recommended and preferred. The structure of online tutoring enables interactivity and engagement. Resources are used that allow students to be monitored in real-time with effective feedback given.


  • Productive Practice Resources are the resources all children need to help ensure they practice productively. Many times practice is as beneficial as it could be. There are small improvements that can be added that makes a big difference in children's learning. Productive Practice materials maximizes learning to build skill development and conceptual understanding.

  • ​Math Modules are standard-aligned and a great solution for students who need extra support with a specific Mathematical concept or standard. Students receive access to a structured module that includes multiple lessons, interactive practice, printables, reference tools, videos...EVERYTHING they need to truly deepen their conceptual understanding and master the skill using multiple strategies.



  • ​Individual Learning Paths are a highly effective tool to help your child truly understand and master Math concepts and skills.  Many times students struggle in Math because of their misunderstanding of foundational concepts. Your child will receive an Individualized Learning Path after taking a benchmark assessment strategically designed to determine the depths of your child's conceptual understanding. Learning Paths are flexible regarding duration & frequency in order to maximize each child's success.

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