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At the beginning of every year, I typically have some form of questioning for my students to get to know them better. This year was my first year actually asking questions to get to know my students better. It was a game changer! In the past, I have requested information about logistical, health information, and those type of things. However, the Parent Survey did more than that!

The valuable information I received at the beginning of the year was a game-changer! The questions "What is something important I should know about your child?" and "Is there anything else you would like to tell me that will help make this a successful year?" gave parents the opportunity to tell me things that they wouldn't have thought to tell me. In addition to learning about their child, I learned about custody & living situations, traumatic experiences, and other life changes.

I highly recommend using a Parent Survey at the beginning of the year. However, they can be used any time you want to involve parents in the process of getting to know their child.

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