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If you know me…you KNOW I love my students. Thursday, May 26, our daily interactions came to an end. Below is the copy of my ”Farewell” I said to them. I’m so blessed to have these kids in my life.

5-05…In August I met all of you. It didn’t take long for me to get to know each of you as the individuals you are and for us to form our very interesting classroom community. I often heard, “Ms. Williams, you all be in your own little world.” (And did!) In “our little world” there was a lot of learning, laughs, and love. But more importantly, in our little world, there was you. The 25 loving, humorous, unique individuals that I love tremendously. There are not any words that could express just how much you all mean to me. I am beyond grateful to have spent the last 180 days with each of you.

Our little world was definitely not perfect and some days were better than others. However, I can honestly say that every day we smiled, everyday we laughed, and I hope that everyday you all felt as appreciated and loved as I did. Our daily interactions have now come to an end and in August you all are headed to Middle School. As you begin this new journey I ask that you all remember two things. 1. Be kind. As principal Williams often reminds us, it costs zero dollars to be kind. So do it. 2. Be You. Authentically you. The best version of you. You all are amazing. So show the world who you really are.

In closing, it has been a fun, honorable, and rewarding experience being your teacher. 5-05, You were my students for this school year. You are my family for a lifetime. I miss you already and I love you.

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